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19 March 2017

My Holiday Wardrobe

Currently I sit looking out of my window to a very dull day yet again here in England but that's really no surprise, I suppose we should count ourselves lucky for getting at least one day of sun this week (major rolling eyes emoji). 

So I thought I would share my top holiday picks and the typical outfits that I always have ready to take away with me, as lets be honest who isn't thinking about holidays and the lovely sunshine right now! 

I ordered this swimsuit after coming across it whilst searching for items to feature on this post and I LOVE it. I feel like this style of swimsuit is great on every figure but also super flattering if you have curves. Are you a swimsuit or bikini type of person? I always have a tendency to overpack with a huge variety of both, oops. 

 You also have to have a beach coverup to hand and I think that this one from Asos is so simple and perfect. 

                                                      Black and gold swimsuit - Here
                                                      Beach coverup - Here

I don't know about you, but when I'm on holiday I love getting dressed up in the evening to go for a nice meal but then somedays I just feel too exhausted and relaxed to even comprehend putting makeup on or trying to make my hair look nice. So I always have dresses that can be worn and are dressy enough to suit both moods. I think that as long as your dress stands out for itself then doing your hair and makeup doesn't feel as much of a necessity, so basically feel free to chuck your hair up in a messy bun and head out in one of these dresses!

Dress one - Here
Dress two - Here
Dress three - Here
Dress four - Here

I hope this post may of helped to give you some inspiration for one of your next holiday outfits.

 Happy holidays!

4 February 2017


On the 24th of January 2017 I turned eighteen years old! So to celebrate I went to the theatre with my friends Pippa and Lizzie to see Beautiful - The Carole King musical. As someone who should of really been born in the sixties due to my endless love for music from the past eras, as soon as I saw that this musical was on in the West End I was desperate to see it and luckily I finally had enough energy to be taken back to the sixties for two and a half hours for my eighteenth birthday. 

As someone who is a sufferer of M.E, I can not look or do too much research into peoples stories as I easily relapse and end up even less in the know about things than when I started. So I went into this musical with only the knowledge of what songs Carole King wrote and performed alone and also with her husband. The show ended up being so amazingly easy to follow and full of incredible costumes (that I secretly really wish would still be acceptable for men and women to walk down the streets in nowadays!) 

Overall I would highly recommend this musical, it is perfect for if you fancy a good night out or just need a pick me up. Carole Kings story is extraordinary and she proved the critics of her early career wrong by being a woman and striving and succeeding in getting the career that she had always wanted.

Even though a part of her life didn't go totally to plan, she turned it back around and made the best of herself and I think that is really inspiring.
- Location - Aldwych Theatre -

 - Pippa & Lizzie -

               -   Beautiful - The Carole King Musical  -  Music - Original Broadway Soundtrack  -

Here's two of my favourite songs from the musical, even though it was near impossible to choose just two! - Some Kind Of Wonderful & One Fine Day

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12 September 2016

An Evening At The House Of Commons

On Wednesday the 29th of June, my mum and I had the honour of attending Action For M.E.'s Five Year Strategy launch at The Speaker's House, House Of Commons. Action For M.E are a charity that are very close to my heart after discovering them in early 2015 from watching a video on YouTube of Sonya Chowdhury talking about M.E at a conference. So when I received an email from Sonya with an invite for my mum and I to attend such an important event, I was overjoyed.

Photographer - Andy Colbourne

Action For M.E.'s latest project is made to tackle the ignorance, injustice and neglect that very wrongly comes with the illness M.E. This will help our generation of unfortunate sufferers but most importantly the future generations of people, who are going to one day have their lives turned upside down by becoming unwell with the extremely misunderstood illness that is M.E. The past does lay down foundations for future generations and by talking up and having plans like this put into place now, the future generations of sufferers will not have to go through the disbelief and neglect that unfortunately all of us sufferers have experienced in this day and age. There will be help towards an end to isolation by newly developed services and most importantly change and support for people who have to share and give up their everyday lives to M.E. So instead of many more lives being turned upside down, sufferers will instead have support and a helping hand when they need it the most.
Photographer - Andy Colbourne.  Photographed - Catherine Hale, Sonya Chowdhury and Alan Cook
The evening opened with speeches by Action For M.E.'s chairman Alan Cook, Chief Executive Sonya Chowdhury and Catherine Hale. It was extremely inspiring to hear what change is going to happen in person and also their individual stories.

I asked Action For M.E how they feel the five year plan is going two months on from the launch and how they feel the plan will help sufferers with M.E, Sonya Chowdhury, Chief Executive of Action For M.E, says- "Our Speakers House reception offered a wonderful opportunity to highlight the impact of M.E. and celebrate those who take action to make a difference. We are putting together detailed plans that set out how we aim to achieve the targets set out in our strategy to improve the lives of people with M.E, to inspire action at all levels, and to invest in change. We know what needs to be done, and we have the drive to make it happen. With support from people like you who share our ambition to end the ignorance, injustice and neglect experienced by M.E, we have a real opportunity to create lasting change."

 Not only did I get the chance to step into the most fascinating building, full of history. I also got to be in a room full of people who understand M.E, most who suffer themselves. To anyone who may be reading this from the event, I want to say it was an honour to meet and talk to you all in person. You are all so strong and inspiring and I wish you all health and happiness.

Photographer- Andy Colbourne. Photographed - Action For M.E's President, Clare Francis 

With fellow sufferers - Lizzie Guntrip and Pippa Stacey 

Photographer - Andy Colbourne.  Photographed - Helen Buckenham, Liz Smith, Sonya Chowdhury and Michael Xavier 

Photographer - Andy Colbourne.  Photographed - Fiona Wright and Clare Ogden

Also a big thank you to Sonya, Clare and everyone at Action For M.E for inviting me to such an important event!

18 June 2016

Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go

I wanted to go for a glam makeup look for this post as "she who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten". So always use this as your excuse to add glitter whenever you need to go more glam with your makeup, or in fact... just whenever you feel like adding some glitter to your life. 

As much as a vibrant orange eyeshadow can look too much, never be scared! The orange compliments gold eyeshadows really well and makes any smokey eye look warm. Blending is the secret- blend the orange eyeshadow through your crease and keep adding more bronze coloured shades and matte browns to really smoke it out. Your gold eyeshadow will thank you for it! 

 Eyeshadows used - 
Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette - here
Makeup Revolution Metal Eyeshadow - here
Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow - here

   Thank you for visiting!

7 June 2016

Why Being Diagnosed With Another Illness Is A Relief

I wanted to sit and write a post on health and why being diagnosed with more illnesses no longer hurts but instead is actually a relief. 

Yesterday on the sixth of June 2016, I was diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and I am actually really happy about it. You see for a long time now I've been having terrible heart palpitations, flutters and dizziness. The kind where I have to think quickly and just sit on the floor wherever I am or just fall on the sofa if I haven't realised what was happening quite quickly enough.
After many doctors listening to my heart, a twenty four hour heart monitor, my hands, feet and legs turning purple and many a trip back and forth to doctors and hospitals in London, I finally have an answer. I think anyone, even someone who is not unwell themselves, would be able to see why this is such a relief.

I finally feel as though I can start to try and move on with my life as much as possible, knowing that none of the symptoms are going to harm me. Let's face it, you have to be a pretty strong and tough person to cope with illnesses but when your heart is kicking the inside of your chest, it can be a scary experience. 

I now have to just stick to eating gluten and wheat free, drinking two and a half litres of water a day, upping my salt intake and trying to do some exercise (easier said than done I have to say) and hoping that by doing this I will be able to keep my symptoms under control. The good thing is that I already knew I had POTS after doing my own research and knowing that it goes hand in hand with M.E. So I have already gone vegetarian and am slowly trying to take the transition to become vegan. Added more salt into my diet and been drinking only water and I have to say I have felt the best that I have done in a while for it. If my health and the condition did start to get worse in six months time, then I will have to go down the medication route, which would even my heart rate out. I would prefer not to go down this route though, as I really don't like taking medication, as I feel that I have been unwell for seven and a half years now with no medication, so I can deal with anything that my health throws at me!
At the age of ten I became unwell over night. One minute I was dancing, playing the piano, attending school, going horse riding and just being a normal ten year old playing and having a laugh with friends. The next minute I was stuck behind closed doors, unable to sit myself up, cut my own food or have a conversation with anybody, not even my own parents and family. 

The worst thing for me as a ten year old girl was being surrounded by such disbelief and having only my family understand that there was something seriously not right. At the age of twelve I was diagnosed with M.E. Even after being diagnosed with M.E I wasn't believed, people just couldn't understand. It's okay though because I believe that everything happens for a reason and my reason is that this ongoing experience has made me stronger, wiser and made me realise that you only need the people that truly care and understand everything that you're going through in your life and I believe that it is better to realise this at a young age than go through life unaware. 

I am now seventeen years old with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. Who no longer attends school, left with one GCSE as my health only allowed me to participate in completing my English one. Most importantly I have learnt how amazing the outside world is and how you should never take anything for granted. My health isn't going to stop me fulfilling my dreams, it's simply made me realise how much I want to chase them. One day I will be a set designer but until then and forever more, I am going to continue to talk up and raise awareness of these incurable, misunderstood illnesses and remember that being unwell is nothing to be ashamed of. It is simply a part of you and you are here for a reason.

So to all of my illnesses, thank you for making me a fighter.
Don't quit your daydream...

27 May 2016

Everyday Chic

For my first post I wanted to stick to a typical me outfit. Lately I'm all about comfort for everyday wear. As let's face it who wants to be uncomfortable? Nobody! So I went for a basic black bodysuit, leggings, knee high boots and this amazing statement coat.
If ever I feel an outfit is too plain I will always wear a nice coloured coat, statement necklace and sunglasses, then your look is complete within seconds!
                                                                             Sunglasses: here
                                                                               Necklace: here
                                                                        Thank you for visiting! 
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