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13 September 2017

- Autumn -

So as the sun seems to be saying cheerio for another year, this is enough to tell me that it's acceptable to get in the full autumn/winter spirit slightly too early. So I am uploading my first autumn makeup look and nothing says autumn more than a plum lip!

The start of September for me also means that it is now the run up to Christmas. Some people may say this is too early but as the number one fan of Christmas (most likely a bigger fan than all of the little children, let's be real) it's never too early in my eyes! For this reason I thought I'd do a double liner with this pretty Urban Decay glitter eyeshadow because you should always take any opportunity to mix autumn and Christmas together.

I used Urban Decays Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow in 'Zap' for the gold eyeliner and then a Mac lipstick in 'Sin' to create this look!  

Eyeshadow - Here -  Lipstick - Here.  Happy slightly too early autumn!

13 August 2017


Thought I'd post the link to this cute little jersey top, as it is so comfortable and only £8.99 from H&M! The perfect wardrobe staple. 'Not Your Baby' white jersey top - Here 

28 June 2017

Flared Sleeves And Orange Lenses

Today I thought I'd post about this outfit, as it is all about the flared sleeves and orange lenses and I thought that couldn't be any more appropriate for this time of year!

Also how cute is this star necklace from Bloom Boutique? I chose to pair it with this thin gold choker necklace to add layers but also keep the jewellery dainty. All of these items just happen to be on sale too, so happy shopping!

Star necklace: Here - Top: Here - Glasses: Tiger - Gold choker necklace sold out. Similar alternative: Here


11 June 2017

The Great Outdoors

I thought I would do a different type of post today and upload some of the photos that I have had sitting in my camera roll for a good few months now. 

When I was too unwell to even leave my bed, the one place where I desperately wished that I could instead be was outside within nature. Sometimes it's not until you know what it's like to feel truly unwell that you fully understand how completely freeing being within a forest or in the middle of the countryside can be. So now whenever I am able to, I take my camera and never take any of the great outdoors for granted. 

A big thank you to my brother for always being my go-to model!

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3 May 2017

- Bershka Denim -

I love this oversized denim jacket at the moment. It's so easy to throw over outfits, perfect for warmer days and only £25.99!

Bershka Oversized Denim Jacket - Here

4 April 2017

Prom Simplicity

As it's coming up to prom season I thought I would relive my prom dress shopping days through my blog and hopefully help to give you some inspiration in case it's your prom coming up this year.

The truth is I have never been a fan of most prom dresses, as I love simplicity when it comes to clothes. So when it came to prom dress shopping for myself I was searching the shops for plain floor length gowns, rather than dresses covered in sparkle. They didn't seem to have any like I had planned to wear in my head and when I thought I had found a lovely plain floor length dress, I would turn it around to find a giant non removable bow on the back. So after purchasing three dresses I finally found 'the one'.

There are now so many simple prom dresses online and at such affordable prices too. So I thought I would share some of my favourite finds with you, be sure to let me know what your favourite dresses are!

This dress is more a less exactly what I wanted for my prom and I can't believe that it is now sold at Missguided for only thirty five pounds, bargain.

Black Maxi Dress - Here

Again being very similar to the last dress and so amazing! I love the style, cut and colour of this dress. It is also available in other colours but I think that red is just perfect for prom time and will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd! I would pair this dress with some simple gold jewellery to really bring the whole look together. 

The fact that an extremely similar dress to this was only available from a little boutique in America when I was searching for my prom, makes me feel ancient and it was only a couple of years ago!
Red Maxi Dress - Here
This dress is just simply STUNNING. I have ever so slightly fallen in love with it and want to purchase it for myself, even though I would never have any events to wear such an amazing dress to. So for this reason I thought I would include it in this post! This dress does seem to be selling out so quickly though, so I have also added the link to an alternative grey dress. 

Pair it with some nude heels and if you fancy some glitz to go with the glam, then add a sparkly gunmetal grey coloured clutch to really finish the look off! 
Grey Maxi Dress - Here
Alternative Grey Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress - Here

Last but not least is these beautiful dresses. The ruffle detail gives them such a traditional Hollywood feel and then the cut and fit just makes the dresses so elegant and perfect for this day and age! 
Red Ruffle Dress - Here
Grey Ruffle Dress - Here

I am so jealous of all of you who are going to get the chance to wear one of these amazing dresses this year!
                                                    Have a fantastic prom!