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4 February 2017


On the 24th of January 2017 I turned eighteen years old! So to celebrate I went to the theatre with my friends Pippa and Lizzie to see Beautiful - The Carole King musical. As someone who should of really been born in the sixties due to my endless love for music from the past eras, as soon as I saw that this musical was on in the West End I was desperate to see it and luckily I finally had enough energy to be taken back to the sixties for two and a half hours for my eighteenth birthday. 

As someone who is a sufferer of M.E, I can not look or do too much research into peoples stories as I easily relapse and end up even less in the know about things than when I started. So I went into this musical with only the knowledge of what songs Carole King wrote and performed alone and also with her husband. The show ended up being so amazingly easy to follow and full of incredible costumes (that I secretly really wish would still be acceptable for men and women to walk down the streets in nowadays!) 

Overall I would highly recommend this musical, it is perfect for if you fancy a good night out or just need a pick me up. Carole Kings story is extraordinary and she proved the critics of her early career wrong by being a woman and striving and succeeding in getting the career that she had always wanted.

Even though a part of her life didn't go totally to plan, she turned it back around and made the best of herself and I think that is really inspiring.
- Location - Aldwych Theatre -

 - Pippa & Lizzie -

               -   Beautiful - The Carole King Musical  -  Music - Original Broadway Soundtrack  -

Here's two of my favourite songs from the musical, even though it was near impossible to choose just two! - Some Kind Of Wonderful & One Fine Day

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