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28 June 2017

Flared Sleeves And Orange Lenses

Today I thought I'd post about this outfit, as it is all about the flared sleeves and orange lenses and I thought that couldn't be any more appropriate for this time of year!

Also how cute is this star necklace from Bloom Boutique? I chose to pair it with this thin gold choker necklace to add layers but also keep the jewellery dainty. All of these items just happen to be on sale too, so happy shopping!

Star necklace: Here - Top: Here - Glasses: Tiger - Gold choker necklace sold out. Similar alternative: Here


11 June 2017

The Great Outdoors

I thought I would do a different type of post today and upload some of the photos that I have had sitting in my camera roll for a good few months now. 

When I was too unwell to even leave my bed, the one place where I desperately wished that I could instead be was outside within nature. Sometimes it's not until you know what it's like to feel truly unwell that you fully understand how completely freeing being within a forest or in the middle of the countryside can be. So now whenever I am able to, I take my camera and never take any of the great outdoors for granted. 

A big thank you to my brother for always being my go-to model!

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