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13 September 2017

- Autumn -

So as the sun seems to be saying cheerio for another year, this is enough to tell me that it's acceptable to get in the full autumn/winter spirit slightly too early. So I am uploading my first autumn makeup look and nothing says autumn more than a plum lip!

The start of September for me also means that it is now the run up to Christmas. Some people may say this is too early but as the number one fan of Christmas (most likely a bigger fan than all of the little children, let's be real) it's never too early in my eyes! For this reason I thought I'd do a double liner with this pretty Urban Decay glitter eyeshadow because you should always take any opportunity to mix autumn and Christmas together.

I used Urban Decays Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow in 'Zap' for the gold eyeliner and then a Mac lipstick in 'Sin' to create this look!  

Eyeshadow - Here -  Lipstick - Here.  Happy slightly too early autumn!

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