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9 November 2017

- Two Hours In Blankenberge -

In September 2017, I visited Blankenberge in Belgium for two hours- yes two hours! After wanting to visit Belgium for a while I had my expectations of how it would look and it lived up to them by being exactly how I had imagined.

Blankenberge is a costal town on the North Sea- it has a long beach, marina and pier. Along with many high-rise buildings that sit along roads full of shops. These shops include bakeries, ice cream stands, clothing stores and most importantly... chocolate shops! (one of the things you definitely hope 
to stumble across when in Belgium) 

These roads also often lead us to the most beautiful churches...

One of these churches being Sint-Antoniuskerk Church, which translates to St.Anthony Church. It was the most amazing church I have ever seen, built in the middle of the 14th century and full to the brim with details that you could easily stare at all day. Completely mesmerising! 

St-Antoniuskerk Church used to be a lot larger back in 14th century but after suffering majorly by being demolished in the second half of the 16th century, all that was left standing was its walls, columns and towers. In the 17th century it got restored to its former glory before closing for a further thirty seven years. In 1926 it was decided that the church would open to the public again, where two years later it got restored to exactly what it is today.
If you're ever in Blankenberge then definitely have a wander inside. You won't regret it; it is  fascinating!

Other than seeing this amazing church and all of the architecture that came with it, one other thing that I noticed (and it quickly became my favourite thing) was the amount of cute dogs there was to see. 

Every time you expected to see a child being pushed along in a buggy, it was instead a cute dog with a bow in its hair. There was a dog walking around in a pair of sunglasses and just puppies everywhere looking completely adorable! As a person that could easily own five thousand dogs, you won't be surprised to hear that I had to remind myself to actually look up at Blankenberge rather than spending all of my time looking at the cute pets that were using the street as their catwalk. 

Overall from my two hours in Blankenberge, I would definitely recommend it for a quick trip or a weekend break. Hotels range from sixty one pounds onwards and cruise ships dock fifteen minutes away. 

As Blankenberge is the nearest town to where the cruise ships dock, it doesn't cost you anything to leave the ship and get on a shuttle bus to be dropped off at the town. You can then have a good look around and when you've finished admiring the views, simply catch a lift back to the cruise ship on one of the awaiting buses!

Hotel near Blankenberge beach - ABC Hotel

See you again soon Belgium! 

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