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21 December 2017

- Clive Christian Seasonal Wishlist -

With Christmas being a few days away and most of us likely hoping to awake to one of our favourite bottles of perfume in our stockings, I thought I would share my perfume wishlist from Clive Christian- you can view Clive Christians products here: Luxury Fragrance Gift Sets

Throughout the seasons I find that my taste in perfumes change. For example, I always feel that you should match the smell of your perfume to the vision that you have of each season in your mind. For me, I think of spring being slightly fresh with lots of flowers, so I feel it is lovely to wear a lighter, more floral scent and then in the winter it's all about the cosy log fire, so I then prefer a heavier musky scent. 

So rather than a normal Wishlist I am going to share with you my seasonal favourites. I hope this also gives you some ideas of what scents you think go best with the seasons. Here we have my 'Clive Christian Seasonal Wishlist'...


I feel that spring is just the time to wear light girly scents. Like I said, to me, spring means fields upon fields of flowers and green grass and I think this is just the most perfect and happy thought to match your fragrance up to. So I have picked the The Private Collection - C Green Floral. This perfume contains notes of fruit, floral and grass- I personally don't think you could get any closer to my vision of spring in a bottle. 


In my mind summer just screams citrus. Citrus scents have such a refreshing feel to them and are always uplifting clean smells, so in the summer this just needs to be reflected in your perfume. For this reason, I have chosen the Original Collection, Feminine Edition in Citrus. Not only does this perfume keep the light floral feel from spring, but with its top note being bergamot oranges it really gives you that citrus zing. One think I love is that this scent also has a woody base note which means it's a great scent to take you into autumn.


Autumn is that time of year where the streets are sprinkled with leaves of all shades of orange and your jumpers start to make an appearance, so why not also keep that heart-warming feel with you in your perfume. For autumn I like going for slightly heavier, cosy scents but not too cosy, as we still need to feel refreshed because there is work to be done! For this I have chosen The Private Collection - C Woody Leather, this perfume has a smokiness to it with its notes of saffron and tobacco but also keeps you feeling refreshed with mandarin. You can probably tell by now I love to have citrus throughout most perfumes I wear, as for me citrus is a productive smell- I think this perfume sounds absolutely amazing!


The final perfume on my Wishlist is for my favourite time of the year, winter! This is the time of year that I feel you can go as musky and heavy with your perfume as you wish, it's the time of year for cosying up and getting ready for Christmas. 

Winter makes me think of log fires, candles and of course sitting under the most luxurious blanket whilst watching your favourite films and all of these things mean that I have to choose the most woody scent that I could find. So here it is my ultimate pick for this Wishlist, The Absolute Collection Sandalwood Crystal

Perfume really is so magical. It can mentally transport you back to some really special times, remind you of people you've crossed paths with, completely change your mood and add to your confidence. 

The scent of a person is always my first and lasting impression of someone. It is such a personal thing and our choices of scents are what make each and every one of us so individual.

If you fancy the chance of winning some goodies from Clive Christian, they are running an advent calendar competition everyday up until Christmas over on their Instagram. 

How to enter: Everyday Clive Christian is hiding Advent Baubles on his website, along with a clue on Instagram. Once you have found the bauble you must screenshot it, post your screenshot onto your Instagram profile and make sure to tag @clivechristianperfume and that is it, it's that simple! 

                                                 Clive Christian Instagram - Here
                                                 Clive Christian website - Here

Best of luck and the happiest Christmas to you all!  

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