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1 December 2017

- InStyler Glossie -

I'm always looking for the best and easiest hair products that will keep my naturally curly hair as frizz-free as possible after blow drying and I think my search is now officially over! 

Last week I received the Instyler Glossie through the post after the lovely ladies at Luxury Communications reached out to me and kindly gifted me one to try out. It has four settings ranging from 150°C to 230°C, along with ceramic plates that get hot and bristles which stay cool- I have found this to help with keeping my hair away from fizz, as the heat isn't as intense on my hair as your normal hair straightener. 

I also love the idea of not having the struggle of holding a hair brush in one hand and a straightener in the other- doing your hair has just become a whole lot easier! 

For a video of how I use the InStyler Glossie, feel free to head over to my Instagram page (link below)! Thank you again to InStyler and Luxley Communications for sending me this.

        InStyler Glossie: Here 
      My Instagram: Here

Happy hair straightening and also happy 1st of December!

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