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5 June 2018

- Breakfast At Tiffany's? -

I've been obsessed with Audrey Hepburn for years now, but who isn't! From her simplistic style to classic makeup looks, she has always been my style icon and for this reason I thought I would try recreating one of her iconic looks. 

The thing that always struck me about Audrey Hepburn was her eyebrows, they were always made to be very sharp and I've been desperate to try and sculpt my own brows to match hers. 

I simply muted my usually curved brows with concealer, set them with loose powder and then went ahead and extended the tail of my brow with a brown eyeshadow until they were bold enough to even slightly achieve Audrey's amazing brows.
The second thing that I always notice when studying Audrey's makeup is the winged eyeliner she would wear. It was always so simple and was never not too much, which was lovely. So, I used a black eyeliner and drew as thin a line as possible that ended at the socket of my eye.

Lastly her lipstick! I could tell by the darkness of her lips in this black and white image that she must've been wearing a red lipstick. So, I used Mac - Sin to draw myself a new smaller lip shape that matched hers and then went ahead and used the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Lip Colour Balm - 03 Mightiest Maraschino to add some shine.

I hope that you like the recreated look, I had so much fun doing it!