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28 July 2018

- The Tall Series -

After having this idea with me for a good while now, I'm so happy to introduce to you... The Tall Series!

I'm going to be sharing my favourite tall clothing finds with you all. Whether that be a clothing find from shops specific tall ranges or simply a clothing item from a normal range, which is also the perfect length for taller people.

I'm starting this series because I am 5'10" and always tend to have a problem with jeans not being ankle length, full length dresses not being full length and sometimes the total opposite where a 'tall section' dress is too long, to the point that I'm falling over it. So, I'm here to share my favourite finds with you and hope it helps some of my fellow tall ladies!

Starting this series with this mono stripe swimsuit from ASOS. Swimsuits are often never made long enough, so I'm loving ASOS for their tall and comfy swimwear range at the moment: so much so that I could easily buy them all! Just need to book a holiday and then I think that counts as a good enough excuse to do so, right?!

I love any clothes that have a waistband to show off curves and this swimsuit does just that, which means that it's flattering for all body types. At twenty two pounds, this swimsuit is a little bargain and a great addition to your holiday suitcase!

Mono Stripe Swimsuit - Here

Photo - ASOS

See you next time with another clothing find!

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