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12 February 2019

- Simple Gold Eye -

After getting many questions about makeup looks I create over on my Instagram and people asking me what products I use, I thought it was about time to start sharing some looks in more detail! 

One thing I find when telling people about products I love is that it's often not in their budget. So I thought we'd start by tackling the high street/high end makeup stigma.

People often ask if high end is better when it comes to make up and in my opinion, no. Some products work for some people and not for others. It all depends on skin types, how you apply products and personal preference. Personally when it comes to buying makeup, I pay out a little more for eyeshadows and stick to high street for my base. I do this for no reason other than preferring the pigment and texture of higher end eyeshadows, whilst preferring the quality and smell of drugstore foundations I have tried. Often high street makeup brands offer great products that you'll find can be just the same/very similar to high end, without the snazzy packaging.

I love the brand Too Faced Cosmetics for their eye palettes. Their eyeshadows blend seamlessly and have amazing pigment. Their collections, 'Sweet Peach' and 'Chocolate Makeup' smell great. But as amazing as they are, and no matter how much I love opening the palette and smelling peaches, let's face it- our eyelids don't really need to be smelling of chocolate and fruit. So a great high street alternative is Makeup Revolution palettes: they may not smell of peaches, but are so well pigmented and only a fraction of the price. 

For this reason- with every high end product I use, I'll also list a cheaper alternative. 

So, to the makeup look...

I thought I'd start by sharing this simple gold smokey eye. A gold shimmer not only opens the eyes up but makes a great day-to-night look!

I used the Too Faced - Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette for this look. A great high street alternative is this: I Heart Revolution - 24K Gold Eye Shadow Palette. I Heart Revolution have a lot of Too Faced dupes that are often less than £10 to buy. I chose this palette as it has all the great bronze and gold shades for this look. If you want to go all out Sweet Peach, then go for this: I Heart Revolution Eye Shadow Palette

Crease - I blended the shades 'Puree' and 'Summer Yum' from the palette into my crease. You can also do this using your normal everyday bronzer- just make sure it's matte, as we want as much definition as possible.

Cut Crease - using a flat top brush and concealer. You can do this using any concealer, I often find myself reaching for the Collection Cosmetics concealer. Just take your concealer to the crease of your eye and follow your eye socket shape. It can look crazy at first, but bear with it!

Eyelid - I swept the gold glitter eyeshadow from the Sweet Peach Palette over the concealer. This is a great trick as it makes the eyeshadow pigment stand out much more than normal and the glitter ten times more visible. Just make sure to not set the concealer beforehand! 

For this look, I did a very soft cut crease, bringing the gold eyeshadow right up to my crease. I then used the Collection Glam Crystals Glitter Gel Eyeliner in the shade 'Funk 3' to add a thin glitter line through my crease, again following my eye socket shape.

Eyeliner - I then just lined my eye with a Rimmel London eyeliner. I find a pen style liquid eyeliner always achieves a really effortless and easy wing.

That's it, four steps and you're done!

This is also a similar makeup look, using the same products but in slightly different ways. I went for the matte colours all over my eyelid, with a very light dusting of gold eyeshadow, along with a simple winged eyeliner and a line of gold eyeshadow predominately above.

I hope that was helpful, be sure to let me know if you try either of these looks. If there is anything else to do with makeup that you'd like me to talk about, or any questions you may have then just let me know.
   See you soon with another makeup post!