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16 July 2019

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery - Review

Nothing beats a night at the theatre, so when I got an invite to see The Comedy About A Bank Robbery in The West End, I was so excited!

The play is at The Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus; the theatre sits opposite the famous Piccadilly Circus billboards. This makes it not only really easy to find but also very handy to get to via train, as it's so central.

When it comes to comedies you never know what to expect, so I was really intrigued to see how the West End would go about making a play funny for a full two hours- but I can honestly say that The Comedy About A Bank Robbery was HILARIOUS! 

The jokes started the second the show began and didn't stop until the lights came back on to mark the end. The entire audience were belly-laughing at the brilliantly performed silliness that was happening in front of us. 

The actors were phenomenal and completely wonderful at making their skilled jobs look easy. Their jokes and cues were spot on, which left me wondering how on earth they remember all of their lines, whilst also knowing when to move parts of the set about to make the production flow.

As someone that loves set design, one of my favourite things about this production was the sets themselves. The set creators really cleverly made sure the set was constantly using the whole stage and it was always manually moved about by the cast themselves whilst they were acting. 

I've never been to a show that keeps you watching all corners of the stage, but in The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, actors were on walls, hanging from the ceilings and crawling through air vents (you'll have to see the show to find out more about that one!), which made it really fun to watch!

Overall, I thought this play was so well put together and amazingly thought out, down to the tiniest of details. The cast was incredible and the writers really do have wonderful minds. I would say that it's one of my favourite plays I have seen in the West End and I am now desperate to see The Play That Goes Wrong!

I one hundred percent recommend The Comedy About A Bank Robbery to everyone, no matter how old you are. If you fancy a laugh then get yourself down to The Criterion Theatre! 

For more information on the show or if you fancy booking some tickets, then click here: https://officiallondontheatre.com/london-comedies/

Be sure to follow @londontheatre on Instagram to view all the latest on West End Shows and @bankrobberyplay for all the behind the scenes from the play itself! 

A massive thank you to London Theatre for sending me to see this play! I had such a brilliant night. [gifted]